Timberlook Flush Sash

Introducing the NEW Timberlook Flush Sash Window

Timberlook PVC-U Flush Casement windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber but have two major advantages. Firstly, they are more affordable and can make a huge improvement to the comfort and appearance of a property where timber alternatives may be prohibitively expensive. Secondly, their insulating qualities, easy maintenance and recyclability make them an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Timberlook Flush Casement windows replicate the appearance of traditional wooden frames: the delicate curves, detailing and trims, even the colours, grain and texture, but there’s more on offer than good looks. Multi-chambered frames are secure and strong, advanced seals block the weather, high-specification glazing provides thermal and acoustic insulation. We don’t believe in ‘either/or’ – we know you can have traditional style and 21st century performance.

So what is a flush sash window?

A casement is simply a window held on hinges in a frame. In the UK where external shutters are rare, the vast majority of casements open outwards. Within casements, there are various styles. The Timberlook Flush Sash fits inside the frame so the window does not have the look of a standard PVCu Window. It’s a design that is elegant in its simplicity and is found in all sorts of traditional properties, from all periods. What’s more, the lines are understated which makes them ideal for more contemporary properties which rely on minimalist styling. Timberlook Flush Casements replicate the timber original’s appearance to perfection but go well beyond in terms of thermal performance and weathering capability.

Now it’s possible to have the look you want and the comfort you need. Now it’s possible to combine charm and security, character and ease of maintenance. It’s old style with new standards.