The roofline area is probably the most overlooked area of your home, yet the most vulnerable and exposed. Whatever the season, it becomes ravaged by all weathers and is susceptible to blocked gutters and traditional timber fascia boards being prone to rot, flaking paint and rotten wall cladding. Unfortunately if these are left for too long without attention it is possible that damp can penetrate into the actual roof area, causing joists to rot and mould to appear on the ceilings.

In order for you to maintain this area it means working at heights, patching and filling areas requiring attention and then the painting begins. Once complete, you begin the countdown to the next twelve months, when the process starts all over again and so does the cost!

A one off cost to replace your roofline area means less hassle for you and this area gets the attention it deserves whilst improving the overall appearance of your home.



PVC-u offers so many benefits: – It is self coated and will not crack, flake or peel. PVC-u acts as an insulator as well as being  weather resistant – it’s impermeable outer skin is unaffected by moisture, can’t be damaged by sunlight or the freeze and thaw period of the winter months. It will not rot or corrode and requires the bare minimum of maintenance, a quick wipe over with a warm soapy cloth to remove any dirt and your roofline will be gleaming and bright within minutes!

Our roofline products are designed to blend with the existing style of your home, preserving its character and are available in a wide range of colours from white, light oak, Sherwood oak,  black,  with guttering and downpipes in white, caramel, brown or black.

Our experienced installers will remove the bottom row of tiles and cut the existing felt back. The existing fascias, bargeboards and guttering will then be removed ready for the new 18mm thick fascia board to be installed along with the 10mm soffit board. Stainless steel ring shanked nails are used for the ultimate resistance against corrosion.

We will also install an over fascia ventilation system which includes felt tray and bird comb.  This complete system allows continuous air flow to ensure that so no condensation appears in your roof space, while the eaves protection system which consists of felt support trays and bird comb supports the discharge of water to the gutter with an integral bird excluder. The final stage is to install the guttering and downpipes.

Please note that we will not quote for cladding over your old timber fascias, this is often referred to as capping or cloaking. Whilst this process is quick and less expensive it is disastrous as it just merely hides the actual problem, the wood continues to sweat, the damp and rot spread with the final impact being when it becomes unattached and can fall to the ground putting yourself and others at risk of injury.

Our guarantee to you

All of our roofline products come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against rotting, splitting or cracking. All white products carry a 10 year colour fastness guarantee. Upon completion of your installation you will be issued with an insurance backed guarantee, ensuring total piece of mind.