Will I be able to use the conservatory all year round?

Yes, today modern conservatories have insulated bases and cavity walls, which feature double-glazed units and a thermally efficient roof, can be used all year round. The thoughtful use of heating and Low E glass will also help. Comfort levels can be further enhanced by a Glass Roof with smart blue technology and additional heating/cooling options available.

Do we need Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approval?

Planning Permission isn’t usually required. If in doubt, ask our consultant or contact the Local Building Control Department of your Local Council.

Do you make conservatories to order?

Yes – every Tudor Design conservatory is made to measure and can be personalised with a host of accessories and design features both inside and out.

How deep are your footings?

We work to full Building Requirements, we also advise you on specialist footings, which may be required on your property such as piling (nothing is taken for granted and a full site survey will determine your full requirements).

We have a drain in the way so can we still have a conservatory?

Yes, we can use a special deep seal cover and in some cases bridge the drain.

Will you be able to match our house bricks for the base?

Normally this is not a problem, however in some cases bricks may have been discontinued, if this is so, we will use our specialist brick match service and supply samples of alternatives. We can also source stone or even render if need be.

We have got an odd shape space/an unusual wall/a sloping garden. Can we still have a conservatory?

Yes! We pride ourselves that we can always adapt and find ingenious solutions to awkward areas of space.

My builder has already constructed our base; will you still be able to supply a conservatory?

Yes, we are more than happy to supply and install the top of your conservatory.

Our neighbours aren’t friendly – how can we protect our privacy?

Conservatories can be made private by the thoughtful use of obscure glass, solid side panels, blinds or even a solid wall on one side.

How soon can we have our Conservatory?

The average turnaround is six to ten working weeks from placing of order, depending on weather or if Planning Permission is required.